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Many programer talk about the program languages and software what which program language better and why. futher more if it have been coming from long time one new program language? Everyone compare with the already exist language syntax, logic, properties, functions with the new. Now the python and R lead the Information Technology market. From my side I accept every program language because it has different method, logic which give make value to the product and this is the company’s food. The program languages great mode for made product with company’s employees or freelancers. Yes here is the employees because they can make more and more new things with collaborate Agile or Scrum team work. Everybody is a little chain eye in the process Leaders or Product Owner or Managers also because if the developers leave the company than the Leaders or Product Owner or Manager can’t to deliver the company’s product and it is not bring money and food to people and vica versa also important. Of course there are labels on the chain eye which is very important because this the process and every label or chain eye make different measure mistake and we don’t know exactly what is it or how we solve and sometimes we lost something money or independent but we win also sometimes we are changing our plan or story than we will build from this better things we hope. This the process or team work which is depend each others equally everyone and everything depends each others every company, software, customers ,client, product, books page, letters. Many people aim that will be independent for company or each others or money. But we everytime will depend something saidly mainly ourself that how we handling our true, life, works with respect with power or power with ego.

Nowadays say that everyone is replaceable.
Actual good solutions are these? What is it say the big books or computers or humans(leaders and employees) for this question? Now about from 2015 go thought 2021 come a change we already feel it. Chancing in all of area if we really and allow it. But we see it in the Leader area what I think it has different level what equally important. (team leader, product leader, task leader, blog leader, video leader, children leader, family leader,environment leader, animal leader.)

Now we would a better future. Better future our trues.


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